Chefs for CF

Chefs for CF is designed to promote a well balanced diet geared towards individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. We always hear fast food is the perfect meal for CFer's because it is high in fat and sodium. Those with CF do need more fat and sodium in their diet, but fast food lacks important vitamins and nutrients required for proper nutrition. We want to change this mindset about fast-food and CF and promote recipes that are more beneficial to people with CF. Local chefs from the Brazos Valley and throughout the state have come together to form Chefs for CF. Each month a chef will design a recipe that meets the high fat criteria for a CF diet while also integrating the much needed vitamins and minerals of any diet. Click on the picture of each individual to learn about the chef and see their recipe. And remember these recipes are for everyone, but people without CF may want to make minor adjustments to some of the recipes for fat or sodium content.